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Wash your hair without shampoo

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It is known as the "No Poo" method and is the latest hipster-ecosaludable trend that advocates washing your head only with tap water, baking soda and vinegar. His supporters say that hair products damage the scalp, deteriorate the hair and make the hair declare in open rebellion, get dirty often and there is no way to make it shine.

And hence the name of the movement: "No Poo" is the abbreviation in English of "no shampoo", but also "poo" means "poop" in the Anglo-Saxon children's language.

Followers of "No Poo" point to their rejection of solvents (which leave skin vulnerable to infection), alcohol, and, of course, mineral oils (from petroleum), They accuse of obstructing the hair follicles and weakening the hair. Opinion of the opposing side

MarГ­a CastГЎn, scientific expert of Wella Professionals, indicates that it is not so much about demonizing shampoos, but about choosing one that suits our hair type. On the silicones that contain some products, he affirms that they are not harmful: "in fact, they offer benefits for hair care like shine, softness, protection. Several independent clinical studies have confirmed the safety of silicone technology for the consumer, as well as their hair care properties. "

In Europe, many cosmetic houses are already beginning to take notice and offer more and more natural products. There are companies, such as Laconicum, an online store in the north of Spain, that offers "extraordinary, independent and hard to find cosmetics in Spain".

Likewise, intermediate alternatives are already being developed for products that do not contain sulfates, parabens or petrochemicals. "This does not mean that they are neutral and do not want to wash their hair with them. It is not so much about 'no poo' as about 'less and better poo' (less and better shampoo) ", explain Anabel VГЎzquez and MarГ­a MartГ­nez, creators of Laconicum.

Through the Internet, you can find many testimonies and proposals from the world of "No Poo". To show two buttons: the bloggers of Acapulco 70 and Jessica Simpson, another of his disciples.

Only natural ingredients

It is likely that actors like Johnny Depp, with his eternal messy hair and, sometimes, it must be said, a bit greasy, be a "No Poo". For supporters of the movement, washing only with water is enough to achieve ideal hair. They advise having patience until the fatty level of the scalp is balanced, which may last a few weeks. Over time, the hair is cleaner and healthier than ever.

Do you need a conditioner? The "No Poo" have the solution. Use cider vinegar, a natural moisturizer. Simple and simply add the vinegar to the bicarbonate mixture and wash with decision. For cases of extreme dryness, coconut oil is also allowed.


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